I help professional women rediscover their authentic selves, realign with their values, and walk in their purpose

– Trish Ahjel Roberts, Transformational Coach and Bestselling Author of 12 Steps to Mind-Blowing Happiness

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My mission is to share the 12 Steps to Mind-Blowing Happiness with 12M people to teach individuals and organizations how to elevate their lives and businesses, slay self-doubt and limiting beliefs, juice up their journeys, and find Mind-Blowing Happiness™️️.

Happy is the new sexy!

Mind-Blowing Happiness (noun)


A state of deep joy and fulfillment characterized by a

juicy life journey steeped in passion, purpose and the

realization of your fullest potential.

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Work with Trish

Juice Up Your Team!

Speaking and Workshops to Boost Morale and Improve Performance.

Authentic and inspirational. Trish draws on her background in corporate sales, finance, Buddhism and yoga to create powerful keynote talks and motivating workshops. Boost morale and performance. 


Juice Up Your Life's Journey!

Find Your North Star and Move Toward Your Goals with Confidence.

Focused and compassionate. Trish will move you toward your goals with skill and a sense of humor. Enhance your Eight Main Life Areas. It’s time for a juicier life! Specializing in Self-Actualization, Diversity and Anti-Racism.


Juice Up Your Reading List!

Enjoy Books that Nourish Your Mind, Inspire Your Spirit and Entertain You.

Rated 5-stars by readers and reviewers. Trish’s e-book, self-help memoir and inspirational journal will move you on your path to to a deeply joyful life. Endorsed by Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul.


Juice Up Your Content!

Access Fresh Content that Encourages, Inspires and Reports.

Intelligent, well-researched, fun, thought-provoking and creative. Trish creates entertaining and valuable content for publishers. 


As Featured on CBS46 - Atlanta

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Trish Ahjel Roberts is interviewed by anchorman, Brooks Baptiste in this 3-minute segment.

As Featured on WBLS-FM New York​

Learn about gratitude, surrender and Mind-Blowing Happiness in this 4-minute segment with Lenny Green and Indy Smith of The Quiet Storm broadcast on September 9, 2021.

As Featured on WBLS-FM New York​

Learn about the foundation for self-love – the love MOB! and the 3 A’s in romantic relationships in my 6-minute segment with Lenny Green and Indy Smith of The Quiet Storm broadcast on June 3, 2021



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