I’m in Phoenix participating in a Chopra Retreat this week. Yesterday during our yoga session, we were invited to have a full-on tantrum to release pent-up emotions. We lay on our backs with our feet flat on the floor and stomped, flailed and screamed to our hearts’ content. I felt emotions well inside of me […]

The first time I heard the word narcissist I was learning Greek mythology as a child. In the story, the son of the river god Cephissus and the nymph Liriope was named Narcissus and was known for his good looks. A sage told his mother that he would live a long life if he never […]

Growing up, we would sometimes say so-and-so was a little “touched.” Mental health issues were shrouded in mystery. Being “touched” could mean any variety of breaks with reality. It might mean you were talking to yourself, hallucinating or paranoid. It could mean you were a hoarder or constantly sad or angry. Some people are born […]

I haven’t been sleeping well. I keep dreaming about the house I grew up in. I dreamt I was sweeping the sidewalk in front and the wind blew the doors open. It became a wide-open space and the breeze flowed through the windows. Gauzy curtains flapped like waves beneath the filtered sunlight. My father was inviting […]

Last month I was saddened to see that Jas Waters took her own life. I didn’t know her name until she died, but I’ve been a fan of This Is Us since the show began. For me, it is one of the few places I can see a Black woman rock her natural hair, be loved deeply […]