Published Articles

“Love Language for the Long Haul”

Spring 2021

SheHub TV Magazine

“The Road to Healing”

February 2021

Natural Awakenings

“Time to Pivot”

January 2021

Natural Awakenings


“Ready or Not”

December 2020

Oracle 20/20


“No More Bag Lady”

(MBH Step #7: Book Excerpt)

October 2020

Oracle 20/20

“Work = Play”

(MBH Step #11: Book Excerpt)

August 2020

Natural Awakenings

“SAFE is a Four-Letter Word”

Elephant Journal

July 2020


“Patience is the Truth”

(MBH Step #9: Book Excerpt)

Natural Awakenings

April 2020

“Get a (Spiritual) Life”

(MBH Step #2: Book Excerpt)

Oracle 20/20

February 2020

“Anger is a Lie”

(MBH Step #5: Book Excerpt)

Natural Awakenings

January 2020

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