Sweet September is coming to an end. It’s a month that inspired one of the best Earth, Wind & Fire songs of all time and host to my birthday book launch month. This September is also two years since I walked away from corporate America. Whew! It’s still terrifying. Each day, I move toward my dreams despite my fear. In the process, I’ve learned to be soft. To be vulnerable. To ask for help when I need it. It’s not always pretty, but it’s real AF.


Back in June, I blogged about the Confidence to Dream and noted “both comfort and struggle can create inertia.” Inertia is sneaky and can creep up on you, making you feel stuck and uncertain. You don’t have to quit your day job to pursue your best life. Here are my 5 simple steps to ignite passion and purpose in your life starting today:


1. Figure out what you like. – It may help to think back to your childhood. What did you enjoy most? Was it fixing things, playing sports, telling jokes, drawing, reading, singing, writing? Take some time to remember what set your little-kid soul on fire.

2. Determine what you’re good at. – You may have loved to sing, but were you good at it? Think about what you loved and were also skilled at. What do people ask for your help with?

3. Find out what you care about. – Besides your family, what are you passionate about? These might be charitable causes or strong values.

4. Get still and listen. – In order for your mind to organize the information you’ve kicked up, you’ll need to get still. Try journaling or meditation.

5. Take action. – Did you remember you loved to tell jokes and you care about the elderly? Why not volunteer for a comedy luncheon at your local nursing home? Perhaps you remembered how much you loved to work on your dad’s car, and you really care about children. Why not volunteer to teach foster kids how to fix cars? Maybe you love to sketch, and you care about dogs. Why not offer to draw dog portraits to help a local rescue advertise?


It may take more than one try but the quest for purpose is exciting and fulfilling. Repeat the 5 steps as many times as necessary and watch your magic unfold.


I wish you passion, purpose and the realization of your fullest potential!


P.S. This week’s joyous photo is from Emmanuel Akinte at Unsplash.com. I’m cooking up new offerings to help you move toward your most deeply joyful life. If you’re looking to get unstuck in any way, click the link below and let’s schedule some time to chat

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