As an author, coach and speaker, I help people find purpose and passion in their lives. It is possible to live a simple life without seeking deep joy and fulfillment, but when you don’t rise to your potential, you will always feel like something is missing. It may not happen until mid-life, but it will eventually take root. To rise to your potential, you have to get creative. We often think of creativity as the arts: music, dance, sculptures, paintings, photography, etc. However, self-actualization, what I call Mind-Blowing Happiness™ always involves creation.


Christianity teaches that humans are designed in the image of the Creator. Buddhists believe you can create Divinity within yourself by becoming a Buddha. No matter your spiritual beliefs or lack thereof, you cannot rise to your potential without creativity. Your path and your purpose are unique for you and must be created by you.


If you think you’re not creative, it’s time to exercise a muscle that might simply be atrophied by a society that has taught you to fall in line. Here are my tips to tap into your creativity:


1. Read a novel. – With the advent of constant access to streaming content, reading for pleasure is a dying form of entertainment. However, reading is different from watching. When you read you must fill in the content with your imagination. What color is the character’s dress? What does the room look like? While books may be descriptive, it’s impossible to relay every element of a scene. Your imagination makes up the difference. In case you are wondering, audiobooks are okay.

2. Practice visualization. – Visualization exercises force your mind to create new images and sensations. 12 Steps to Mind-Blowing Happiness offers 12 visualization exercises. Yoga Nidra also called “yogic sleep” is another wonderful visualization practice. Some meditations include visualization as well. As children, “daydreaming” came naturally, as adults this practice of visualization requires a bit of effort.

3. Keep a dream journal. – Keep a notebook at the side of your bed and write down your dreams upon rising. Then, write your interpretation. What do you think your dreams mean? You may not be aware of your creativity during the day, but at night a world of creation rises to the surface. Allow yourself to find meaning in your dreams.

4. Start coloring. – Adult coloring books have become a popular way to release stress. They are also a wonderful way to tap into your creativity. Try experimenting with different colors and patterns. Imagine the hidden meaning behind the images you color. was created by a mother and son team and offers beautiful family coloring books highlighting Black culture.

5. Write a story. – You can try this as a companion to any of the activities described above. Write a short story about a scene in a novel, your visualization, dream or coloring project. You can also write a story for characters in a movie, TV show or book that you like. Think back to childhood stories. What is Rapunzel doing now? What about Cinderella or Little Red Riding Hood? If you want to go all-in, create new characters of your own.


Developing our creativity opens us to empathy which is critical for developing a deeply joyful life. You might notice that a lot of these exercises take you back to childhood when creativity was encouraged. Enjoy the journey to your inner child. There’s a wealth of information there.


I wish you passion, purpose and the realization of your fullest potential!


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