The past two years have been full of new accomplishments. I’ve found it’s easy to shrug my shoulders at my own achievements as I tackle my goals. Disguised as a healthy humility, I’ve come to realize that underneath that, “It’s no big deal,” is a lack of gratitude.


It goes something like this: Yes, I published two books in a year but lots of people do, right? Yes, nearly all of my reviews are 5-star but I’m not a New York Times bestseller yet. Yes, I wrote an e-book, but that’s not a REAL book. Yes, I launched a coaching program, but I haven’t grown it to the size that I want. Yes, I signed with a literary agent, but I haven’t signed my first book contract yet. Yes, I’ve been working out regularly, but I still can’t run three miles without stopping. The list goes on and on. I call it “Yes, But Syndrome.” It’s the downplaying of gifts and grace in our life while forging on to bigger and better things.


As much as I take my gratitude practice seriously, I find myself profoundly guilty of “Yes butting.” Every morning I wake to my gratitude affirmation. Every week I journal all the things I’m thankful for, but in the back of my head there’s still a voice that says, “Thank you, but I need more.” I encourage you to think about how this resonates in your own life. Do you have “Yes, But Syndrome” too?


  • Maybe you got the job but not the salary.
  • Or the salary but not the title.
  • Maybe you found the partner of your dreams but you’ve discovered they’re not perfect.
  • Maybe you got the baby, but not the gender you wanted.
  • Maybe you got the house, but it’s just a “starter home.”


Let’s make a commitment together to celebrate the “yes” and change the “but” to an exclamation point.


  • You got the job!
  • You got the salary!
  • You found your partner!
  • You got your baby!
  • You got the house!


The same way No! is a complete sentence, Yes! is also. You can be happy and enjoy the moment. You can relish in your success. You can sit and steep in it. Marinate and meditate. Expand into it. Feel it fully. Embrace and relish it. Smell its sweetness. Take your time and thank your expression of Divinity, whether it’s the Universe, God, the Creator, Allah, Jesus, Buddha or any other holy beings or manifestations. And, thank yourself. Thank yourself for showing up, putting in effort and getting the job done. And the next time you hear yourself saying, “Yes, but…” Stop, pause, insert an exclamation point and then CELEBRATE!


By celebrating you let the Universe know you are truly appreciative. Make a toast over dinner, pour libations, say a special prayer, gather your friends together, take time out for a memorable treat.


Whatever you decide, find a way to acknowledge your growth and achievement. Then, write it down in a dedicated journal, the notes section of your phone or on your calendar. Make a note of the achievement, your gratitude and the celebration!


I’m working on celebrating more as an exercise in gratitude and self-love, I hope you will join me!


I wish you passion, purpose and the realization of your fullest potential!


Today’s photo is credited to Clay Banks from Unsplash. There’s so much joy in this pic! If you haven’t downloaded your FREE copy of the Mind-Blowing Happiness™ Guide to Self-Care, use the link below. 

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