Oprah’s producer called to book me for Super Soul Sunday! I’m so excited!


Ok, that was my April Fool’s for today. I really hate pranks, and I’m not a big fan of April Fool’s Day, but this particular statement speaks to the power of manifestation. We can only achieve what we are first able to imagine. World-renowned thought leaders like Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Norman Vincent Peale, and esteemed personal development coaches like Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, Iyanla Vanzant and Lisa Nichols all say the same thing. In my own life, I have found this to be true as well: We are what we believe we are.


Now, this doesn’t mean I can just tell myself I’m a surgeon and it will instantly be so. That is literal to the point of being outlandish. However, I can’t become a surgeon if I can’t imagine applying to and graduating from medical school. I have to believe it’s a possibility. I have to be able to visualize myself as a surgeon.


In my interview yesterday with Gloria Pope of Black Girl Everything, I talked about creativity. Every piece of furniture in your home, every app on your phone and every container in your kitchen was first conceived as an idea. Creativity is a divine gift each of us possesses. However, we are sometimes deterred from our natural creativity. At our jobs, we are often hired to complete or analyze tasks. We may be told nobody wants our creativity or opinions. We must only deal with facts or an established process. 


In reality, we are all creators. We conjure our own worlds into existence.


When you choose what to eat, where to live, whom to partner with, what career to pursue and what god to worship you create your world. When you decide how to nurture yourself, what you say “yes” to and what to walk away from, you are a creator. Through each decision you make and each time you choose not to decide, you create your life.


Of course, we all have the circumstances of our birth and our upbringing. We all start with a slate that isn’t clean, but rather painted with the brushes of our environment and our ancestors. However, at some point, we take our lives into our own hands. Much like in my favorite children’s book, Harold and the Purple Crayon, we realize we are actively coloring our own lives.


As part of my Passion Quest 6-Week Coaching Series, I watched the movie, The Secret, for the second time. I walked away reminded of a few insights I want to share:


• Thoughts become things. – Whether negative or positive our thoughts often become actions. Stressful thoughts may manifest as diseases in our physical bodies that we may not even be aware of. Most often, thoughts are the precursor to our decisions and become the things and people that are present in our lives.


• You are attracting whatever is going on in your mind. – Learning to meditate is a great way to learn to control your thoughts. When we focus attention on what we do not want, we put negative energy into the Universe. Instead of thinking, “I don’t want to be homeless.” Think, “I want to live in a beautiful home.” Just saying the word, “homeless” has power even if you precede it with the word “don’t.”


• When you have inspired thought you have to trust and act on it. – If you can’t act immediately, at minimum, write it down so you don’t forget. Sara Blakely, the creator of Spanx, says we all have million-dollar ideas. I believe she’s 100% correct. The thing is, most of us don’t act on our ideas. We second-guess ourselves even when we have glimpsed our own brilliance.


I encourage you to be mindful. Don’t miss your brilliance. Pay attention to small things. Improve yourself. Create the world of your dreams. The Law of Attraction states that the order of the Universe is determined through the magnetic power of your thoughts. I’ve found it to be a powerful truth. 


And, by the way, Oprah’s producer didn’t call me, but Jack Canfield’s did. I’ll be airing my interview with him this month. Stay tuned!


I wish you passion, purpose and the realization of your fullest potential!


P.S. The photo is a little graphic I made up imagining that one day I will be on Super Soul Sunday. Because why not? If you’re looking for ways to break free from old habits and step into a bold future you’ve created for yourself consider my coaching services. Find out more at the link below.

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