Yesterday, I had my astrology chart read for the first time. When I was a kid, I never paid much attention to zodiac signs or astrology. As I got older, I noticed many of my friends were in the same group of astral signs. I couldn’t deny the pattern. My sister had a reading many years ago, and they told her two things that pertained to me. First, there was laughter in the background of her life which she attributed to me. Second, she said I would get my first house and baby at the same time. I’m not sure why I showed up in my sister’s reading. I guess we were close at the time, and I came up in the conversation. It felt spot on. Kayla was born in December and we moved into our first house in January.


Earlier this year, I listened to a yoga nidra recording that I did for my SoundCloud account. Yoga nidra is a way of allowing the body to sleep while keeping the mind alert. It’s sometimes referred to as “yogic sleep.” I had such a profound experience it brought me to tears. I visualized three butterflies entering my body through the crown of my head: yellow, green and blue. In the chakra system, yellow represents power, green represents heart and blue represents voice. I felt like I was given a message. At the beginning of 2020, I created a vision board with the blue throat chakra on it. My goal was to use my voice to speak my truth and to stand up for the voiceless. As the year progressed, I made a conscious effort to always work from my heart and to open my heart to romantic relationships. I hadn’t thought about power. That word often has a negative connotation for me, because power is so often abused. In that moment, it became clear. I had to use not only my voice and my heart, but also my POWER. My mouth dropped open in my reading yesterday when the interpreter referenced the same three chakras as the ones I saw during yoga nidra. I didn’t even know that Vedic astrology aligned with the chakra system. I was floored.


No matter what you believe, there is only one truth.


Sometimes we get to see little bits.


If we miss it the first time, it will show up again.


These are patterns.


I’ve always been skeptical and open-minded. I require information, but I don’t mind replacing old beliefs with new ones. I’m a good student. I’m curious.


As we pause on the precipice of the Christmas holiday, I encourage you to be curious. Be mindful. Notice little bits. Pay attention to patterns. Continue to grow and evolve.


About ten years ago I was working as a Financial Advisor and my work life wasn’t what I wanted it to be. I got really interested in an old children’s book, Harold and the Purple Crayon. In the book, the character drew the world around him with his crayon. It hit me. The life I was living was the one I created. If I could create it, I could also change it. In the story, Harold gets so scared his hand shakes, and he accidentally draws a choppy ocean. Immediately he begins drowning. Even when he wasn’t intentionally drawing, he was still creating his world with his emotions – by his choices and by his inability to choose. Refusing to decide is also a decision, and it has repercussions like any other bold move.


As we move toward the global celebration of the birth of Christ, know that all worthwhile belief systems hold wisdom, love and truth, and none are superior to others. I hope you enjoy the richness of love, family and friends this holiday season!


I wish you Freedom, Alignment and Effortless Abundance!


P.S. The photo is a card that was pulled for me during yesterday’s reading. I think it’s so beautiful. If you’re looking for a way to connect over the holidays, please join me on Saturday, 12/26 at 8:00pm for my Virtual Kwanzaa Celebration. It is a safe space for people of color. Click here to register: If you want to try my yoga nidra session, click here:

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