I remember when my mother used to tell me she had shoes older than me. Now my mother is no longer here. I remember giving birth to my daughter like it was yesterday. Next month we will celebrate her 20th birthday. They say time waits for no one. I can certainly attest to that. The question then becomes, what are we doing with our time? Are we living each day going through the motions and waiting for our real life to begin? Waiting for a better job, a bigger house, a baby, a partner, or for the kids to grow up? Are we living in gratitude or in angst? Are we thankful for the present, worried about the future, or both? Are we taking care of our bodies and our minds?


Yesterday two of my friends made a point of telling me how proud they are of me. It’s such a sweet feeling to get encouragement. I’ve based my business on inspiring and encouraging others, and it never gets old, yet I know there are grown adults who’ve never heard their parents say, “I’m proud of you.” There are children showing up in school every day who’ve never felt supported at home. While I always knew my parents loved me, I also had the dubious position as “black sheep” in my family. My mom called me “blasé” which always seemed to me to be a bad thing, I later learned it wasn’t. It was her way to say I seemed unphased or unbothered by life. It reminds me of the Prince lyric in Raspberry Beret when his boss said he was a bit “too leisurely.” 


We are all different, whether or not we venture to color outside the lines in a way others can see like the great purple genius. Or any genius. Or little old me.


We are all uniquely talented if we take the time to unearth our potential.


One thing we have in common is our humanity. We need love and support. We need encouragement. We need to feel part of something larger than ourselves, whether it’s family, community or nation. We need to care for our bodies and minds.


As we approach Thanksgiving week, think about who you encourage and who encourages you. A word of support can have a profound impact on people in your life. Whether it’s a quick text message, email or old-school note in the snail mail. They matter.


Next week we will have probably have conversations about being thankful. Take a moment and consider who is thankful for you. Who are you encouraging? Who are you inspiring? Who comes to you when they need love and support, knowing you provide a soft place to rest a weary mind?


Be that person.


Send that note.


Check on folks.


We all need someone to unearth our potential.


I wish you Freedom, Alignment and Effortless Abundance!


P.S. The photo is taken from a video I made to share the latest update on my trip to Ghana. It’s postponed, and I took the video upside down. With the magic of technology, I created some “unearthing.” If you are looking for ways to encourage yourself or your loved ones this holiday season, visit trishahjelroberts.com/books.

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