I have four journals at the side of my bed. I don’t write in them every day but they all have a story. As a child I remember having a diary with a lock on it. It seems all little girls wanted those back then. As a teenager, the reading of my diary became an act of war in my home. In my first marriage I kept a diary in short-hand that drove my husband into a wild-eyed fury. It’s so interesting how my private thoughts as a child and an adult were cause for such upheaval.


The four journals I have now are much different than the meandering thoughts of my youth. I stopped journaling for years, because it seemed my written words were never safe from the inspection of others.


In 2015, one of my girlfriend’s gave me the “Live in Wonder” journal. It absolutely took my breath away and has become part of my journey to finding my passions. Then, in 2016, I attended a workshop at a juice fast retreat where we were encouraged to start a gratitude journal. We were told that each day we should write three things we’re thankful for, and three things we want to manifest (as if it had already happened.) After launching my company this year, I realized that this is a special time in my life, so I started a third journal to document my experiences. Finally, after my life coaching certification weekend, I purchased a 2-minute journal from my instructor which helps me tap into my intuition by recording and interpreting my dreams. I thought about my journals today because I am thinking about being thankful.


Thanksgiving is only two days away, and it’s a holiday that is supposed to be about giving thanks. It always struck me as odd because I know gratitude is a spiritual practice that is meant for every day. Even the idea that you can have a gratitude holiday seems a bit strange. When I googled “Thanksgiving” the first things that popped up were football, desserts and side dishes, in that order.


Most folks know the holiday originated as a celebration of a successful harvest brought about with the help of Native Americans. There are differing opinions on the first Thanksgiving, but all stories seem to lead to the idea of European colonists being helped by Native Americans, and together celebrating a plentiful autumn harvest.


Perhaps instead of focusing on what we’re thankful for this holiday, we should focus on our harvest. Of course, we are thankful for our food, home, family, friends and accomplishments. What about going a little deeper? Every year’s harvest is the result of the particular seeds that were planted in spring and the way those seeds were nourished and tended to, as well as divine intervention from sun and rain. For me, I’m thankful for my home, family and friends, but I harvested my business, my yoga and coaching certifications, an adult relationship with my daughter and a peaceful mind. Every year hasn’t been quite as fruitful as this past one, but they were all the result of seeds planted.


So my question is, where have you planted your seeds this year?


How have you spent your time?


Do you see the results in your harvest?


Your harvest may not be physically visible – perhaps a softer heart, a focused mind, a more loving soul.


You certainly don’t need four journals, but I encourage you to have at least one. If you only write one thing between now and next Thanksgiving, write the seeds you’re planting, and next Thanksgiving triumph in your harvest.


I wish you Freedom, Alignment and Effortless Abundance!


P.S. The photo is one of the beautiful trees in my neighborhood here in Atlanta.

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