I hate moving.


The first time I moved was in 1987, I was eighteen and got my first apartment with my new husband. I didn’t have much to move besides myself.


The second time was nine months later because Mr. Wonderful turned out to be Mr. Violent. I had a few pieces of furniture, but it was a simple move.


The third time was in 1997 with my second husband. I changed apartments in the same building. Easy.


The fourth time was in 2001 – I had just given birth to Kayla. I fell in love with my new home with its big back yard and wide driveway.


The fifth time was in 2007 – after 9/11, divorce, single parenting and the collapse of a business that I owned, I packed up and came to Atlanta. It was a devastating move for me. I didn’t know I’d spend two days in the south and never want to live up north again.


After twelve years, I’m moving again. Did I mention I hate moving?


My client has a magnet in her office that says “Let go or be dragged.” I was dragged in 2007.


This time I will let go.


Change and uncertainty inspire anxiety. If we lean into the uncertainty and enjoy the idea and excitement of not knowing, we stand a chance of processing major life changes better.


I had a conversation with my cousin last night about Harriet Tubman. You’ve probably heard her famous quote, “ I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.” I used to think of this quote in the framework of a “slave mentality” – being a cog in the wheel of the machine or “system.” But what about simply thinking about it in the framework of change? We all think that we would have followed her out of slavery if given the chance, but realistically, how many of us would risk our lives and give up everything that’s familiar to us to follow a dream of freedom? Similarly, we like to think we would be abolitionists if given the opportunity, but most weren’t. We like to think if we were in Nazi Germany we would have spoken against genocide. Most didn’t. The reality is, people don’t like change. We don’t like rocking the boat. We are easily complacent and compliant.


Perhaps packing up and moving exercises our discontent. It rattles things. Finds things. Clears and declutters.


So then, how do we clear if we’re not moving? What rattles us out of our complacency? Is it a job loss? A breakup? An illness? An accident? A death?


When things are going smoothly, there’s no need to stop for much reflection. It’s in periods of upheaval that we unearth ourselves.


This time around I will let go, I will not be dragged and I will rejoice in the rattling. Will you rejoice in your rattling too?


I wish you Freedom, Alignment and Effortless Abundance!


P.S. The photo is a magnet from my client’s office.

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