I had a terrible car accident last year. I was on I-75 listening to “The Wisdom of Sundays” on Audible (which is excellent, by the way.) Next thing I knew there was a loud thump. I looked out my driver’s side window and realized I was being pushed down I-75 by a large truck with a huge grill. I could hear the sound of screaming – It took a second before I realized it was me. I watched as my car went headfirst into the concrete median and came to a stop. The car was totaled, but I was fine. 


I thought about my life insurance policy and my 17-year-old daughter who was overseas. Once my nerves finally settled, I was elated. I was ALIVE. March 22, 2018 could easily have been the last day of my life.


I don’t know if you ever think like this, but I believe that the Universe speaks to us. You may call it God or Spirit. After that accident, I wracked my brain – what was the message? It was a HARD left turn. The truck hit my left bumper, caused me to spin and slam into the left median. What is the significance of a HARD left turn?


The next day my daughter called from France and said she loved it so much she wanted to go to school out there. Was moving to France the hard left turn? I took a French class and a course to teach English as a foreign language. I signed up for Yoga Teacher Training. If we were moving to France, I would need a job.


My daughter’s interest in France quickly waned. Six months later I changed jobs and thought, is this the hard left turn? I didn’t know in another three months my beloved dog, Digby, would die of prostate cancer. I didn’t know two months after that my father would be hospitalized and bedridden. 2019 was beating me down, and I still had this feeling like that accident was supposed to wake me up, to take me off one course and put me on another with a HARD LEFT TURN. But what was it?


Then on August 20, I opened my heart and gave myself permission to dream: what if I dared to do my life’s work? Work that I would do for free – Writing. Yoga. Meditation. Reiki. Retreats. Advocacy. Activism. What would my life look life if I spent my days sharing my passion and talent with the world? What would it look like if I lived my dream instead of my employer’s dream? What was I willing to sacrifice to even try? My spirit shifted. I finally had my answer. HoneyButterflyz was born from a HARD LEFT TURN, exactly three weeks before my 51st trip around the sun. This is one helluva birthday!


I wish you all Freedom, Alignment and Effortless Abundance!


P.S. The photo is of magnets on my fridge that I bought when I was planning to move to France. When France fizzled, I wasn’t sure what the magnets meant. Now I look at them and they speak plainly to me about venturing out on my own. I’m not sure where this path leads, but I’m willing to find out.

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